Davis & Associates, P.A. is a boutique law firm that focuses its practice on local government and special district law. Our attorneys are exceptionally familiar with legal issues that impact both local government and the citizens that local government serves.

We have unparalleled experience dealing with the following issues:

  • Ethics for public officials, including Sunshine Law meeting requirements
  • Public records and records requests
  • Local government contracts, finance and procurement
  • Land use, zoning and planning law, including variances and special exceptions
  • Elections law
  • Code compliance and special magistrate services
  • Reasonable accommodation requests under the Fair Housing and Americans with Disabilities Acts
  • Utilities
  • Regulation of rights-of-way and use of rights-of-way by utility and communications service providers
  • Environmental issues
  • General local government operations

Since local government and special district law is the focus of our practice, Davis & Associates, P.A. clients, whether government entities or citizens, receive the finest legal services available to them.

Our team of attorneys and support staff provides Davis & Associates, P.A. clients with the unsurpassed legal services and counsel they have come to expect since the firm was originally founded in 1987 by John Corbett and Trela White.  Keith Davis is likewise poised and committed to continue to provide this exceptional level of service long into the future.

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