A message from Davis & Associates, P.A.

Our decision to resume full-time, in-person, operations was made after careful consideration of the ongoing decline in COVID-19 case and hospitalization rates both in Florida and nationwide.  Of course, we will incorporate office safety protocols into our daily routine going forward, including the wearing of masks in office building common areas, which continues to be mandated by our management company.  While Davis & Associates, P.A. staff quickly and successfully adapted to remote working during the progression of the COVID-19 crisis, returning to an in-person office environment will bring a sense of collegiality and teamwork that is difficult to replicate in a remote setting.  As we re-acclimate to the traditional in-person workplace, our team will provide our clients with the top caliber level of legal representation they are accustomed to, and will also monitor and advise our clients on all legal and policy-related implications of the long-awaited abatement of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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