Municipal challenge of unlawful funding for county-wide inspector general program succeeds on appeal. recently reported on a Florida state appeals court decision that says that Palm Beach County can’t charge cities for an Office of Inspector General (OIG). Keith Davis, a partner at Corbett White Davis & Ashton PA, represented several of the municipalities in the case and believes the ruling is great news and is the correct legal interpretation.

In the story, Davis is quoted as saying, “The Fourth District Court of Appeal’s opinion is thorough in its analysis of the issue and seems to clearly answer the very question that was certified, so whether the Florida Supreme Court will ultimately opine on the matter is yet to be seen.”

Davis is also quoted as saying, “My clients are not foes of the OIG. This case has always been about the legal method for funding a countywide program, not the virtue of, or need for, the program itself.”

Congratulations to Keith Davis and to each of the municipalities that were successful in this appeal, including the City of West Palm Beach, which was represented by Jane Kreusler-Walsh of the Law Office of Kreusler-Walsh Compiani & Vargas PA, and Douglas N. Yeargin.

Read the full story on the case here:

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